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Our Services

We support communities, organizations, governments, and individuals who are starting or deepening their work in wellbeing. See our approach and offerings below.

Assess the Landscape & Convene the Team

We work with you to identify the assets, allies, and potential challenges unique to the infrastructure of your community/ecosystem.


We support you and your team to identify and align data sources, collect data as needed, and analyze the results.


We provide individual coaching to leaders in wellbeing to develop their goals and priorities and to cultivate inner wellbeing while doing the work.

Define Wellbeing

Wellbeing can mean different things in different contexts. We support communities to define wellbeing for themselves, or adopt existing frameworks that align with their values and priorities.

Take Action

We support you in sharing the results, engaging community members, and influencing policy decisions.

Organizational Wellbeing

While doing community work, we also recognize the need for organizations to take a critical look internally to improve employee wellbeing. We can support with this effort.

What Our Clients Say

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Stefani Hartsfield, Owner

Hartsfield Health Systems Consulting

"The team at Civic Wellbeing Partners provided invaluable insight and guidance to our rural community and municipality in our journey towards becoming a Wellbeing Community. Catalina and Julie’s knowledge of working within local governance structures and how to feasibly intertwine that with town plan goals around resilience, opportunity and overall wellbeing helped us elevate our wellbeing initiative to the next level of funding and provided structural support for sustainability."
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