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Resources for Your Community

The following resources have been developed over our 11+ year journey advancing wellbeing in local, national, and international contexts. We hope that others will iterate and make use of the learnings, case studies, and events captured here.


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Wellbeing Index Replication Guide

Our team developed the Wellbeing Index within Santa Monica City government. The Index and framework contextualized what wellbeing means for people in Santa Monica. 

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Wellbeing Microgrant Program

The Wellbeing Microgrant Program funds people, purpose, & possibility with grants for action-oriented projects in Santa Monica and the West LA area.


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Mapping Collective Wellbeing

Use this site as a resource to view the system of collective wellbeing in the United States, with a snapshot of the ways that 80 stakeholders, 120 organizations, and 140 resources connect. Peruse the learnings and recommendations from this process.


Guide to Wellbeing in your Community

As part of our consulting services packages, we support your team through the attached guide. 

Coming Soon.

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Community Engagement Playbook

This Playbook was developed inside Santa Monica City government and seeks to align strong community engagement practices with strategies for meaningfully advancing racial equity.


Wellbeing Summit, Santa Monica

In 2019, Santa Monica held its first ever Wellbeing Summit.


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Wellbeing in Action via Design Thinking

We worked with designmatters ArtCenter students to humanize wellbeing data with local Santa Monica residents.

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